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How is everyone? This community is so dead, but it should be picked up again. I've had two amazing days recently that I want to share.

About a week ago I went to 6 Flags. I rode Superman over and over. And it was pourring rain but we went on this wooden coaster anyway, and we were pelted by raindrops and it really hurt but it was so hilarious. We were soaked through on our front and by the time my friends and I reached the car, we were soaked through on the back. It was uncomfortable, but amusing.

And yesterday, I went out with my best friend and my mom, and we saw Mad Hot Ballroom. ((http://www.paramountclassics.com/madhot/)) It's a documentry about the public schools in NYC, and how they have to take ballroom dancing classes, and then there's a whole big competition at the end. I desperately want to take these classes now. Hehe. After, I met my dad at Bertucci's where we had amazing rolls, salad, & pizza! Oh it's so good. And then, I got to see all of my friends at Friendly's and I've barely seen anyone all summer.

I'm working a lot & having lots of fun. Now, I just need to get myself to some concerts, and I'll have a complete, happy, summer.

Take care.
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