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Never new God could be so excellent... :)

So yesterday I made my Confirmation. If you dont know what it is, its basically a ceremony so that I could be accepted into the Catholic Church.

It was also the end of all of the Sunday School classes I had been to since I was 5.

So, I was in the basement of my church with all of the 30+ candidates and we got an 'inspirational' speach but really it was just a lot of sentences on how we shouldnt be worried and he seemed very nice.

And then we went to the service and it was sort of long and very very nice.

Afterwards, my best friend and I had a party because she was confirmed as well, and so all of our friends were there and everyone was really happy. It was such a beautiful day out so we all just ate BBQ ribs and brisket and pulled pork, and then her dad made some cookout stuff on the grill which all was amazing :)

I think the best part for the both of us was to have all of our friends get together and everyone just had a blast.

That night, about half of that group went to go see 'Mean Girls' ((AND it was the guys' idea :D)) so we we grouped and went out which was a blast as well.

And now this morning, this amazing mood has been continued and I see that I'm tan. ^_^
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that's awesome congrats
Hey, I'm Jen, and I randomly found your journal, I hope you don't mind! lol, Congrads! that's really cool! wow, perfect day! lol, congrads again, bye!
:) thanks
hi u dont know me, but i was just reading lj's and i found ur, i know what a confirmation is i was getting ready to do my mine, i was going to the classes and all but htne my mom said that im not ready, so i didnt do it, i think my little brother is gonna do it b4 i do it, well u didnt have to know that but im really bored, and not alot fo ppl know what a confirmation is.
unless you go to a church where everyone gets confirmed, then people know what it is :)
yeah thats true.